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Dear Readers,

"I can’t find that book!"

Most of my books have sold out and this is a good thing but bad for readers.

I receive many letters like this, so I’ve decided to sell what stock I have of autographed books to readers . . . see ‘Order from the Author’ link to the left.

My next book, WHISPERS ON THE WIND, will be released May 2004. This will be Mary’s story. It has a great cover - can you imagine snow in May? I think you will enjoy this book, which opens with a murder. Now you have to figure out who the killer is and hopefully I can keep you guessing.

The next series of book that I’m working on will be different, but I can’t tell you what they will be about, until after I finish the first. Now if I’d just sit in my chair and write - this would happen real soon -- but I keep finding other things to do -- so you might send out a prayer for Brenda to finish the book <BG>.

Since my basket of goodies has been so popular with the last 2 books, I will give away another basket for WHISPERS ON THE WIND. To make this memorable, I will have the drawing on my birthday - July 21st -- notice I didn’t give the year????

Remember a portion of all books sold is donated to Hospice.

Take care and I hope to hear from you soon. As always thank YOU for being a fan and enjoying my books. Your cards and letters mean a lot.

Best Wishes,

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